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About Jesmond Psaila

Jesmond Psaila is a sole practitioner who has been in business for the past 20 years, helping organisations negotiate risks and perform in the dynamic and challenging business milieu. Targeting small international clients and medium-sized local companies, his principal line of business is audit, accountancy and tax consultancy.

Jp & Associates

Audit & Accountancy

The firm provides auditing services as required by the companies act & tax regulations and authorities in malta.
We are a small team who offer a personalised service adjusting to the specific requirements of our varied client base.

Tax & Corporate

We assist a number of clients carrying out trading activities in a diversified portfolio of businesses.
This service includes the computation and submision of VAT returns as required by the VAT act.
Our Payroll department communicates directly with our clients to prepare payroll to satisfy the specific necessities of different types of business